Leonardo offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of different types of customers and to help them choose the best investment strategy.


  • Management of the maintenance activities (ordinary/extraordinary) and implementation of the buildings
  • Complete management of the rental contracts (tenants, incomes, etc…), the suppliers and the relationships with the administration offices
  • Complete technical, administrative and trade management of the real estate assets
  • Evaluation and complete management of tenants
  • Regular technical and administrative management of the "condition" of the portfolio with a biographical database for each property asset
  • Reports of any technical misalignments compared to the new real estate market quality standards (with possible proposals for scheduled development processes)
  • Tailored Reporting to the customer
  • Analysis and risk reporting
  • Analysis and optimization of management costs


  • Analysis and strategy consulting for the best economic and financial performance on each property (characteristics, strong points, weaknesses)
  • Profitability analysis
  • Analysis of values/prices of rents depending on benchmarking
  • Assistance in the acquisition and sales operations
  • Strategy consulting and Development processes, Disposal, Acquisition, Optimization of the economic performances of the property asset


  • Analysis, feasibility studies and implementation of a business plan
  • Technical and financial planning
  • Management of development operations
  • Management and coordination of processes
  • Refurbishment operations